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Driving Miss Daisy

On the second anniversary of their adoption, Daisy's mom shares her story

Daisy2Two years ago today, Rob and Lindy Grishkoff adopted Daisy, a 2-year-old long-haired Calico, from The Pet Rescue Center. We are wishing them a Happy Adoption Anniversary and gave Lindy an opportunity to share their adoption story.

I had my eye on another cat that had been with The Pet Rescue Center for Daisy4stoo long. I was finally ready to adopt, and that day Dr. Forman (from Alicia Pet Care Center, where The PRC is housed) adopted her for his mother. Casey went “shopping for me” at the OC shelter, and walked past this ridiculously beautiful cat on death row. She immediately thought we would be a match and called her Piper. Only later did Casey realize she had the loudest, chattiest cat ever! The name was perfect, but my husband wasn't sold on it, so we thought about it for a week or so and she was Daisy. Ditsy Daisy, Princess Daisy, Crazy Daisy, Daisy Cakes, etc.

Daisy is probably the most bizarre princess on this planet:
  she will not shut up;
  she will not allow herself to be picked up;
 Daisy3s she almost always sleeps on her back;
  she loves to find a hiding place in the garage and stay there all day;
  she will not jump onto the cat food table, she has to be lifted up;
  if her feet touch grass, she backs off it as quickly as possible;
  she avoids certain carpets, would rather walk around them;
  there are tricks involved in getting her to eat her favorite foods (Costco shrimp);
  she loves her treats, which sadly are Friskies!
  she has no clue how to play - it's the funniest thing to watch her on the rare occasion that she tries to play or chase something

Daisy5sDaisy is an inside cat, however, there was this one time she got out of the house: Daisy will not touch grass or the ground outside, but wanted to walk about, or rather jump about one day. She got out of the house and jumped from the wall across the neighbor’s roof. We did not notice she was gone until the neighbors were outside in their pajamas, concerned about this poor cat on their roof, screaming its head off. Another similar time, the lady three houses down called me (my number is on her collar) about this screaming cat in her tree.  Did I mention that she’s very vocal and loud? :)

Daisy6sDaisy has a special relationship with me. I know her likes and dislikes. She and Buzz (an orange Tabby we rescued and pictured with Daisy) have a typical mother/son relationship. Buzz will come for a loving and she will give it, or she will just smack him. I have been so impressed with her motherly instincts.


Written by Lindy Grishkoff, Posted in REHOMED - Happy Tail Recap, RESCUE, THE PRC BLOG

About the Author

Lindy Grishkoff

DaisygoinghomesIn 1997, professional musicians Lindy and Rob arrived in southern California from Cape Town, bringing with them one Rhodesian Ridgeback and three cats. Oh, and two sons. Over the years, age took all four beloved furry family members, and they were replaced by one rescue dog (recently departed) and three rescue cats: Daisy, saved by The Pet Rescue Center; Buzz, a shorthaired orange bolt of lightning; and Toby, a very large, fluffy, orange polydactyl. Lindy reports that she and Rob are allowed to live in strange harmony with these wonderful felines.

Comments (1)

  • Estelle

    01 December 2013 at 07:37 |
    My beautiful little 'grandchild/cat' is a model-de-lux. All she needs is a crown of rosebuds and a designer outfit! Can't wait to see all the cats again when I visit from South Africa.

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