The Pet Rescue Center provides our rescues with necessary veterinary services for a full recovery.

Some examples of our medical cases include:

• Upper Respiratory Infections

• Kennel Cough

• Urinary De-obstructions

• Demodectic Mange

• Severe Periodontal Disease

• Hit by Car resulting in Nerve Damage

• De-gloving or Fractures – Requiring Bone Repair or Amputation

• Pregnancy and Delivery

• Starvation and/or Emaciation

• Mastitis

• Cherry Eye

The Medical Needs Program also supports spays & neuters, vaccines, medicines, and micro-chipping for all our rescues prior to their adoption.

Sammy 2-year-old male Pit Bull

Rescued February 2012

He was saved from an abusive life as a bait dog. After his surgical recovery from laceration repairs Sammy got a wonderful chance to give back. Piper, a rescue dog from another organization, was brought into Alicia Pet Care Center after ingesting rat bait. He needed a blood transfusion and Sammy was his match! His adoptive family fell in love with his story, along with his sweet and gentle spirit. Sammy was rehomed in May 2012.