Rescue Effort – Help Us RESCUE. REHAB. REHOME.


PRCrescuerehablogoWe network with other vets, shelters, rescue groups and the community throughout all of California, to rescue dogs and cats from situations that without our intervention would result in the unnecessary euthanasia of that dog or cat.  We personally tour and search out shelters that euthanize due to over crowding, these dogs and cats sometimes have merely 4 days to find a family before their time is up.  We seek out these dogs and cats through personal trips to the  shelters, email warnings for at risk dogs and cats, and special requests by other rescue groups to work cooperatively to save these adoptable and loveable pets.  This requires a constant staff for email review, shelter list review, phone calls to shelters, transport and time.

Once our rescues are brought to our Veterinarian and Operations Director RVT thoroughly examine the dog or cat for any medical, behavioral, aesthetic or social problems that will need rehabilitation during his/her stay with us.  The duration of stay for each dog and cat rescue is determined by the severity of the rescues rehabilitation, spay/neuter, vaccination, flea treatment and microchipping needs.  Once a rescue is ready to go, we will tirelessly work to find that dog or cat a forever family though social media, adoption websites, meet and greets and adoption events.  We are always sad to see our rescues go, but so happy to know we have saved a life and created a family.

All for a very worthy outcome, Saving Lives!